Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

Multi-User Interference and Wireless Clock Synchronization in TDOA-based UWB Localization

This paper proposes and validates a novel multi-user time-difference of arrival based localization approach using wireless clock synchronization to overcome the limitations of two-way ranging based positioning. The clock characteristics of the individual nodes are experimentally analyzed and the requirements and constraints for wireless clock synchronization are elaborated based on the experiments.

Ultra-wideband Aided Precision Parking for Wireless Power Transfer to Electric Vehicles in Real Life Scenarios

For efficient power transfer in wireless charging of electric vehicles scenarios, an accurate alignment of the coils of vehicle and ground is essential. The specific challenge addressed in this paper is that the proposed approach achieves the required lateral accuracy with only two ground- based anchor nodes in combination with one vehicle-based node.

Design of an UWB Indoor-Positioning System for UAV Navigation in GNSS-Denied Environments

This paper discusses the design and evaluation of a practical and cooperative UWB positioning system using newly available integrated radio frequency hardware and antennas.